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Catfish and the Bottlemen: The Upcoming Indie Rock Band

Indie Rock Band, Catfish and the Bottlemen are slowly making their mark in their music genre. A band with 4 passionate members have set forth to change the way indie rock is seen. When I first started looking into this group, I compared them to One Direction, on the mere note that they were both boy bands from the UK; however, I quickly realized that these groups couldn’t be any more different. Catfish and the Bottlemen have a style that can’t be matched, or perhaps a lack of thereof, as these boys do whatever feels right to them. One direction on the other hand, being a pop group has a distinct style, much that is formulated by the media.

Catfish and the Bottlemen’s purity and edge has caused them to climb the charts in the past few years. Just recently the band won a Brit award for the British Breakthrough Act category. Just as the world takes note of this upcoming indie rock group, the band is preparing to release their next studio album. In fact, just a few weeks ago the group decided to drop their new single, Soundcheck.

When I first heard of the song, I couldn’t figure out if I liked this song or not, but after listening to it a couple times I realized that this band has a sound that is very raw, and that made them very appealing to me. However, what I really enjoyed was their music video. Most of the video is just footage of the boys running around soundchecking their instruments, however, to create an intimate feel, it is shot in black and white. Hearing the electric guitar on the track, reminded me of when I was a little girl and would play air guitar with my friends; you could say the song evoked the inner rock star in me. I would highly recommend you to check out “Soundcheck” and an eye out for Catfish and the Bottlemen as their music starts making its way toward the States.

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