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Campus Cutie: David Thompson

Campus Cutie: David Thompson

College: University of Washington


Year: Senior


Major: Biology,


Relationship Status: Single


HC: What are your plans after graduation?


Take a year off to refresh, work, travel, and study for the MCAT, then I plan on going to medical school.


HC: Why did you choose UW?


For one, the community college credits transfer well here and not so well out of state but, I guess the honest answer is that I also went here to follow my girlfriend of the time.


HC: So, that didn’t work out…


Yeah, but I didn’t regret it; it’s a good school.


HC: When you want to date a girl, how do you go about it?


I’m all about the slow game…


HC: Will you elaborate?


I just like to stay charming, meet her friends, get to know who she is and what she likes. Then, I can tailor dates towards that and really go for more of the deeper stuff rather than the shallow stuff.


HC: How do you show a girl a good time around the Seattle area?


Whatever you do has to be an adventure right? If it’s a first date you don’t want it to be too intense, just fun. I think hiking is a great idea. Once you get to the top you can just talk, or climb around, or hang out in a nearby river: just messing around, and getting to know each other.


HC: Which Disney princess do you most relate to and why?


Jasmine. She’s fortunate to be living in the palace of Agrabah, and I feel like the United States is like that for the world. I mean, I know I’m lucky to be here, but I feel similar to Jasmine in that she wants to go outside the palace walls, and she wants more than the palace can offer.


HC: Did you ever jump on the Frozen bandwagon?


I didn’t see it for awhile but after watching it I loved it, and now I listen to the music all the time.


HC: Halloween is coming up. Do you have any plans for celebrating?


I was hoping to hang out with my close friends, maybe bar hop? I haven’t done anything for Halloween for the past few years due to exams so, I’m excited to get out.


HC: Do you have any costume ideas lined up?


Yeah, I’m going to be Clark Kent (said with an eyebrow raise).


HC: What do you think of the bar scene around UW?


It’s kind of just like typical bars. I like Wells Wednesday because they offer one-dollar drinks.


HC: What song pumps you up for a night out?


Either the Pokemon theme song or Mulans’ “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”.


HC: Favorite Taylor Swift song?


I can’t remember the titles of her songs…Oh! The “I knew you were trouble when you walked in” one because the covers on YouTube that exchange her voice with a screaming goat are hilarious!


HC: What’s your advice in maintaining good grades throughout the year?


Just make sure you study every day, keep it fresh on your mind, so you don’t forget.  I mean it’s not something I actually do, but it’s something I should do.


HC: You recently started working out, do you have any advice to other newbies?


Stick with it! The first three months are when you make the most gains, and when you see your progress it’s so motivating! Starting out is the hardest, but you just have to keep going and realize people in the gym aren’t judging you: we’re all there for the same reason.


HC: It’s starting to get colder outside, how do you enjoy the colder months?


It’s Seattle. You can’t let the weather stop you from doing things; you need to go out and do them anyway. The winter is more for the social stuff: talking with buddies, cuddling up, hanging out.

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