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Cake Balls for Valentines?

It’s almost Valentines Day! Whether you’re single or not, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat yourself with sweets. You can make more sweets for your significant other, or your friends. Surely, they will appreciate your effort and time. 

As you guys all know, Starbucks sells birthday cake pops that taste absolutely delicious! Making variations to the ingredients to fit the Valentine’s theme would be perfect to share with others. 


cake pop sticks, 

decoration sprinkles/chocolate of your choice


Cake (red velvet, chocolate, vanilla or oreo)

Frosting/cream cheese

Chocolate Melts


First, crumble all the cake in a bowl and mix 1/3 cup of frosting/cream cheese. 

After making sure everything is mixed, use a ice-cream scoop to get just the right amount of cake onto your hands and mold into a circle. 

Using the cake pop sticks, stick every ball of cake to look like popsicle sticks. 

Then, melt the chocolate melts, dip each cake pop into the chololate of your choice and put it on the styrofoam to hold and dry. 

Finally, decorate your cake pops with sprinkles, oreos and different colored chocolates. 

Voila! It’s now finished. Not hard at all right? 

Happy Valentine’s Day! A day to appreciate yourself :)

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