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Brunching Is the New Going Out

Brunch dates are the best way to spend your time, period. My love for brunching blossomed when I turned legal and since then the thought of brunch gets me more excited than going out. I am writing this in the midst of one of my brunch dates, in fact. I just chugged my mimosa and am fired up to write about my passion for brunching. Here are the undisputable facts about brunching that makes it undeniably the best way to spend your Sunday mornings:

  1. Brunch is traditionally around 11 or noon which means you can sleep in, comfortably peel yourself out of bed when you’re done scrolling through Instagram for 2 hours, and make your way towards a brunch spot near you!
  2. The food you would traditionally get for brunch is also just better, no need to dispute this one. You get a wider variety because you can get lunch or breakfast or better yet: both!
  3. The bottomless mimosas!(!!!!) Or if you and your friends are classy housewives, then there is the option of splitting a bottle of rosé or wine. A classic mimosa is my personal favorite because it gets you buzzed just enough to feel good, have a laugh with your friends, and not be obnoxiously drunk in public because frankly brunching is the only acceptable form of day drinking if there is no special occasion.
  4. The aftermath of brunch is just sublime. You get home, at the latest it’s midday on a Sunday so you don’t have any real responsibilities, so you just pass out (mainly at the hands of the food coma you’re experiencing).
  5. It’s a great way to make time for the friends you haven’t seen in a while, whatever the reason may be. Maybe plans fell through, or you ended on bad terms; just reach out and move forward. 

In the midst of a hectic, overwhelming time (as finals approach), I recommend grabbing a couple of your legal friends and getting toasted right before a study session. Fun fact: brunching helps you study better (dont bother fact checking, its true). 

Saman Khan

Washington '21

This is my third year at UW and my first time writing formally for anything so I am very excited! Some of my favorite leisure time activities is bingeing new TV shows on HBO, eating super clean ;), working (I work with kids), and chilling with close friends.
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