The Best and Worst Moments of 'The Bachelor' This Season

This season of The Bachelor is claimed to be the "most boring" season yet according to many viewers and critics, but with the finale just around the corner, let's reminisce on a few of its most iconic moments.

Tia gifting Arie a little weiner when they first meet 

Her reasoning being that she's from a place called Weiner in Arkansas, she lets him know that she hopes he doesn't already have a "little weiner." Talk about a smooth first impression!

 "Excitement excites me..oh and pizza too"

We all couldn't help but cringe with this reply when Bekah asked Arie what three things make him most excited about life. 

When Annaliese asked Arie why she hasn't gotten kissed

Remember when Annaliese confronted Arie about him kissing every girl in the house except her and he still didn't budge, ouch.

Kendall's composed conversation with Krystal

It is no secret that Krystal was the snake of the season, but the way Kendall expressed her concerns to her after the bowling game fiasco was definitely something to admire.

Sienne's elimination

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who couldn't believe when Arie told Sienne he couldn't give her the rose, she's the full package!

Becca's ex flying to Peru to try to win her back 

We can't deny that Becca's ex stole the show when this episode aired, was it because of the way he professed his love or his jaw-dropping good looks? Definitely both.