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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

1. Crystal White

White is a classic summer color. But this year, the predictions are that bright, pure, pearly white will be in style. Creams and Ivory colors can tend to be worn more in the winter in general, for a cozier look, but this summer the will be completely out. Sharp, classic, crystal white will be in.

2. Mesh/See-through Skirts

Long, mesh, sometimes patterned skirts are already on the rise. Likely, these popular mesh skirts for this summer will include white and light colors. A mesh/see-through skirt is styled two main ways. One, with a slip skirt underneath it. Two, with a bigger shirt paired with the skirt, so that the shirt is covering any parts you wouldn’t want exposed.

3. “Casual, Old Money” Button Downs

While these were trending last summer, they’re likely going to be much more popular this summer. The Polo/Old Money look is making a comeback. Even if you don’t love the old money aesthetic, a casual button down is an easy but put together look on its own.

4. Patterned Scarfs

Another fun summer theme is the “Italian Summer” or “Europeans Summer” theme. This ties in with the old money look a bit. Patterned scarfs give it a little more edge and modernity. Pattern scarfs can be added to pretty much any outfit, and they keep you cool from the sun!

5. Mermaid-Core Aesthetic

Shells, beads, metallics, and sparkles are all the essence of mermaid core. “Mermaid core” is very beachy themed. This is sort of the relaxed beach look, but slightly more whimsical. This means things like chill claw clips and beaded charm bracelets will be in.

6. Long Tube Tops

Tube tops have always been in, but the prediction for this summer as that tube tops will take a slightly different form. Recently, people have been loving the relaxed look, so naturally more relaxed tube tops are going to be in style. Longer, more flow, tube tops are going to be the trend of the summer.

7. Chunky Sandals

We seen a variety of these every summer, but this year they’re going to take off. Platform flip flops, docs, flats, and more are going to be the summer “it” shoe. Platforms have been making a comeback in recent years, and this trend is only going to exemplify them.

8. Boxer Shorts/Striped Pants

Matching with the relaxed theme, loose boxer shorts and striped pants are going to be in this summer. We already seen them on the rise, and summer is the perfect time for everybody to be wearing them. Striped pants and boxer shorts are by far the most unique item on the list. They’re fresh, they’re a completely new trend. Summer is the perfect place for them to have their moment.

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Nirja Thaler

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Nirja is a Staff Writer for HER Campus at Washington. She is an intended Philosophy and Economics double major. She was coeditor of her high school newspaper. She has been a part of various types of writing (such as poetry, songwriting, newspaper, and novel writing) clubs throughout her life. Nirja is passionate about exploring social justice issues. She enjoys writing articles that appeal to appeal to both sides of an argument. Originally, her intended major was journalism. With any topic she writes about, Nirja loves to relate the subject to a bigger concept in the community/world. She loves real-life pattern recognition and repetition examples. On her limited free time, Nirja enjoys playing and composing music. She pays piano, viola, guitar, and the ukulele. She is classically trained in piano, and has been playing for over six years. She also enjoys songwriting, and writes most of her songs on piano. In addition to music, she likes to run, crochet, and watch early 2000s movies.