5 Timeless Clothing Staples For Your Winter Wardrobe

Sweater weather is officially here! Frosty mornings call for layers and bundling up in an attempt to stay as warm as possible. In a world where trends change week to week and year to year, it is important to keep the essentials present in your wardrobe to both maintain a sustainable wardrobe and to preserve a sense of timeless style. It is crucial that we, as consumers, do not buy into short-lived trends fueled by the world of fast fashion (as Yves Saint Laurent said, "fashions fade, style is eternal"). Underpaid garment workers, detrimental environmental impacts, and more are all consequences of clothing items being offered at lower prices every year. The fashion industry is recognized as the second-largest contributor to global warming, and this could be greatly reduced if we all simply hold on to our garments and wear them for a longer period of timeThe True Cost explains this in more detail. We can all do our part to help! Whether you buy clothing from thrift shops, ethical and environmentally-friendly brands, or simply keep what you have in your closet from unsustainable brands, you are helping! Here are 5 sustainable winter clothing items that never go out of style:

(1) neutral tone turtleneck  

woman lying on ground with leaves Photo by Molly Champion from Pexels Turtlenecks are my absolute favourite! They are flattering, warm, and stylish. An oversized turtleneck can be easily paired with jeans and sneakers for a cute, effortless look. Similarly, a fitted turtleneck can be tucked into a skirt with tights, boots, and a trench coat for a dressier look. Regardless of the occasion, you will always look chic in a turtleneck!

(2) black tights  

@christinephandango via Instagram It may surprise you that I consider tights to be a winter fashion essential. They seem like a minute and generally insignificant detail in an outfit, but they can make all the difference. In my opinion, tights make skirts, dresses, and even shorts seasonally appropriate and add an extra layer of warmth!

(3) hooded parka

Although parkas may not be necessary in some climates, I find them to be an everyday necessity in Seattle. They can range anywhere from $25 to $500+ but can last forever. I purchased one years ago and it is a puffer-style, mid-calf length jacket with a huge hood and fleece-lined pockets. I wear mine with jeans, skirts paired with tights, and even with sweatpants at times. If you don’t have a parka yet, it is definitely a useful investment that could last for decades.

(4) chunky boots

boots Sergey Zhumaev While comfortable and warm, chunky boots also have the power to make you feel unstoppable. Personally, I used to feel uncomfortable wearing platform or heeled shoes, but now feel incredibly confident in chunky boots. Rock your boots with jeans, plaid pants, skirts, or anything else you love.

(5) straight-legged jeans

Denim jeans hanging Photo by Jason Leung from Unsplash Although mom jeans, skinny jeans, distressed jeans, low-rise jeans, and bootcut jeans have all come in and out of style, straight-legged jeans are the perfect in-between style that will always look stunning. This is one of the most versatile jean silhouettes!

*note: in order to keep your clothes looking brand new and in the best shape possible, engage in these environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient, and garment friendly practices:

(1) Wash your clothes less often

I know this sounds gross, but you don’t need to wash a coat every time you wear it! This will lead to quick wear-and-tear. If you do laundry less frequently, you will also have larger loads when you do wash them and this is much more eco-friendly.


(2) Wash your clothes with cold water and on a delicate cycle

Using cold water prevents any unwanted shrinkage and is also better environmentally. Delicate cycles will not wash your clothes as roughly and can prevent those “balls of fuzz” from appearing on your garments.


(3) Use a drying rack as opposed to a drying machine

By reading the care instructions located on the tags of garments, you can see that many of them advise against placing them in the drying machine at all. You can prevent the unraveling or ripping of your clothes (and conserve electricity) by using a drying rack.