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5 College Student Halloween Costumes That Are Spooky AF

Who doesn’t love Halloween? The day when you can munch as much candy and chocolate as you like. On top of that, you get to dress up to be whoever you want to be. For some people, Halloween seems like the time you can dress (a little) inappropriately and show a little too much skin. Other people sees this festivity time to dress as creative and scary as they can, which is not uncommon. It is the time to show off your artistic abilities. The awesome part of Halloween is, there is no limit or boundaries of what you wear on Halloween.  

Sure, dressing as a ghost or having that fake-knife-stabbed-on-your-face look might count as a scary costume. However, through endless research and time I spent in college, I feel like there are some Halloween costumes that you can wear that don’t not involve blood or scary faces—but will still scare the heck out of college students.

1. Women’s ghosted costume

You see, ghosting is part of the college experience. Just emailed to a professor for a letter of recommendation? No replies. Just asked someone on a date? They never even cancel but left you on read. Bad news: you’ve just been ghosted.

2. College debt costume

To go along with that voice in your head screaming, “WHERE IS MY MONEY!!”

3. Insurance lady costume

“‘I’ll try to drive safely, I promise.” Clearly, you still have to pay your insurance. 

4. Commitment Halloween costume

*Sending this to that almost boyfriend* “Is this what you have been scared of?” she said.

5. “Send nudes” costume

Uncomfortable and pretty spooky, TBH. 

Face it. These Halloween costumes are the ultimate guide to scare college students. Wear one of these looks and you’ll have the spookiest costume at the party—guaranteed. 



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