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Something about the changing of seasons makes every singular action—from the gloomy skies to the pouring rain—far more dramatic. The inescapable downpour of warm leaves, the crisp fresh air, and the sudden change in temperature truly enhance the melancholy felt in autumn. And nothing can compare to those moments when you’re trying to romanticize your life in an effort to obtain the “Gilmore Girls” autumn aesthetic. 

To put things shortly, the arrival of fall screams melodrama and subsequently results in our need to update our playlists to fit our somber autumn mood. Here are 5 artists you need to add to your next fall playlist to match the gloominess of the upcoming season.

1. Taylor swift

Taylor Swift is the blueprint of ‘Sad Girl Autumn’ and can’t be left out of your next fall playlist. This artist—who has fully acknowledged the moodiness of her music—is no stranger to the brooding lyricism and somber ballads that encapsulate her albums. Red (Taylor’s Version), folklore, and evermore are all perfect contenders for your next melancholic autumn playlist. 

My picks: cardigan, hoax, coney island (feat. The National), happiness, tolerate it, All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)

2. Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams is an up-and-coming artist who’s recently received a lot of attention for her music (which is SO deserved). Infused with mellow, ‘bedroom pop’ influences, Abrams’ music is perfect for fall listening. Her lyricism and soulful vocals carry through her EP minor and This Is What It Feels Like, reinforcing autumn sadness through descriptions of inexplainable, relatable emotions.

My picks: I miss you, I’m sorry, Long Sleeves, Rockland, Camden, Hard to Sleep 


Lizzy McAlpine is the perfect artist to listen to as you’re sitting in bed and watching a steady autumn downpour quench the leaf-scattered ground. With her emotional songwriting and vocal strength, Give Me A Minute and five seconds flat will forever be albums to turn to when in need of some somber music to accompany autumn despair. 

My picks: doomsday, ceilings, chemtrails, Give Me A Minute, I Knew

4. Phoebe BRIDGERS

Best known for her albums Punisher and Stranger In The Alps, Bridgers is an alternative singer-songwriter who juxtaposes storytelling with her somber ballads. Her songs touch on a variety of unconventional topics from abuse to mental health, giving her the ability to connect with her listeners on an emotional level.

My picks: Moon Song, ICU, Motion Sickness, Smoke Signals, Scott Street 


For lovers of indie music, Clairo is the perfect artist to finish off your fall playlist. With her intimate vocals and calming instrumentals, her albums Sling and Immunity are beautifully composed and may encourage you to spend some time outside and reflect on your past experiences. 

My picks: Bags, White Flag, I Wouldn’t Ask You, Blouse, Harbor 

Playlists are an essential part of the autumn experience and these artists will help you expand your music taste and craft the perfect soundtrack to enjoy for the upcoming season. Happy listening!

Trushaa Ramanan

Washington '25

Trushaa is currently a sophomore at the University of Washington studying Informatics. She enjoys designing, listening to music, binge watching Netflix shows, and redecorating. She aspires to work as a UX designer and make technology more accessible and impactful for everyone.