5 apps essential to college life



On the go and need to schedule ahead of time? Think no one on campus is partner-material? Check out these 5 easy-to-use apps to make your daily college life much more convenient.

OneBusAway – This bus app is useful if you are time-oriented and absolutely need to know what time your bus is coming. It also shows you the nearest bus stations around your location and convenient bus routes.

FaceBook – FaceBook is great for organizing study groups, finding classmates to network with, and be able to maintain a social life outside of class. Also, it was originally created to help users find and keep in touch with old friends.

Tinder – If you use Tinder productively, you can meet someone (or multiple people) to possibly date and connect with.

StudyBlue – Want to check out how easy or difficult a class is before registering for it? Use StudyBlue to find students’ class notes and exam study guides from past years

GroupMe – Useful for creating multiple groups with friends/study buddies/co-workers to organize your conversations.