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4 Ways to Still Enjoy Your Spooky Season

Despite the Tarantino film of a year that we’ve had, the only month of the year when horror is less of an unrelenting side effect and more of a demand is condemned to the same fate as the rest of the year: social distance responsibly and wear your mask! Unsurprisingly, this means no more parties that characterize a typical college Halloweekend. Never fret, however. Here are four ways to enjoy this Halloween despite the medical mask on your face in place of your annual purge mask.

Watch a horror movie with your friends!

Google Chrome saves the day yet again! The free Chrome browser extension Watch Party allows for you and your friends to watch Netflix and Disney+ together in real time! So grab your popcorn and put on The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington awaits.  

Have a pumpkin carving party!

Pumpkin patches and farms all around the country have finally begun to open up again, so pick up some good pumpkins with a couple of friends and get to work! These pumpkins won’t carve themselves. 


The first few months of quarantine saw a boom in homemade banana bread production, but it seems that we’ve forgotten about our mixing bowls and ovens since. Get to work frosting some orange and black sugar cookies and chocolate graveyard cupcakes. You deserve them.

Spend some time with yourself

Alone time is severely underrated, and if you and your friends are unable to see each other this Halloween, never fear. A little Netflix and Pillsbury cookies never hurt anyone. Turn on your fairy lights and get under your covers with some Jack-O-Lantern cookies and a rental of Cabin in The Woods. 

While this year has been rather atypical in several ways, the resilience of my community has not once failed to surprise me, and I’m sure many of you can relate. In the face of a pandemic, online schooling, and several political and social disasters, I’m also sure I’m not alone in wishing that the scariest things about this year were jump scares on the big screen. As we learn to adapt to the onset of holiday season in light of the rather pesky virus, I hope that all of you remember what we’re capable of surviving and eventually thriving in. Stay safe, happy, and healthy. And don’t let midterms be the only things that scaring you this season. Happy Halloween!

Sahana Sridhar

Washington '23

Sahana is a Bay Area native majoring in psychology and applied math at the University of Washington, Seattle. When she's not writing, she's consuming copious amounts of coffee, binge watching Grey's Anatomy, or trying a new cafe on the Ave.
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