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4 Disaster Spring Break Scenarios and How to Avoid Them

Whether your plans for spring break are a trip to Cabo or just hanging out with friends from home, it is always best to be prepared. As follows are possible scenarios detailing what could go wrong on your spring break adventure and the tools you need to help you deal. The products listed below are inspired by those in the awesome Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit!


1. Hunger Monster

It’s 6am and you’re still finishing up last minute packing as you and your girls rush to make your flight. You skip breakfast because there’s no time, in the blink of an eye you’re in the car and off to the airport. You all made it through check-in fine, but the security line is at least an hour wait, and suddenly, you realize you’re dying of hunger! The line is moving at a snail’s pace, all you hear are babies crying and needless to say, the people around you do not smell like your favorite perfume. Top all this off with your rumbling stomach, and you are definitely “hangry”. 

This is a time when it would’ve suited you well to pack a Luna Mini Bar. Not only are they delicious and filling, they are also compact enough to fit in your luggage without a problem. They’re perfect for those long flights that only have expensive in-flight meals to purchase. My favorite is Lemon Zest but I always pack the Chocolate Dipped Coconut and Chocolate Peppermint Stick as well so my friends don’t get “hangry” too.


2. Shampoo Serious Security

After that annoyingly long line, you finally made it to the security check point. You pass easily through the metal detector and wait patiently on the other side for your luggage to scan. Your stomach drops when you see the security guard grab your bag and wave you over. Performing a mental inventory of your luggage, you can’t imagine what could possibly be the cause.

As you stand by you see the security guard pull out your shampoo and conditioner, both of which were easily past the three ounce liquid rule for carry-ons. You cringe as they toss both bottles into the garbage and your heart sinks at the thought of having to buy all new hair products at your destination.

As you watch the security guard carelessly dispose of your favorite shampoo and conditioner you realize the exact product you left sitting on the bathroom counter top that could have saved you from this mood-ruining moment. The sample sized Not Your Mother’s Haircare is not only travel sized, it’s actually healthy for your hair! There are no sulfates, parabens or dyes, meaning your shiny locks will feel great while being environmentally friendly!


3. Bikini No-No

First thing you do when you arrive is purchase an adorable new swimsuit and you just can’t wait to look like a total babe on the beach! As you put on the tiny string bikini you realize you totally forgot to shave and some unwanted hair is showing in places you’d rather it not… You didn’t pack a razor and now your body hair threatens any possibility of landing a cute guy on the beach. There goes this year’s spring fling.

Here’s when the Beauty To Go Sample Wax Pack comes in handy. It’s compact enough to fit in your luggage, and easy to apply without any mess- no matter where you are. Simply warm the strips in your hand, put on your problem-area, and pull to reveal bare, smooth skin. Now, the boys of the beach can focus their attention on the places you want them to.


4. Creepers… No, Thanks.

You and your girls are out wandering the streets of your Spring Break destination in search of the club the boys on the beach told you about. The streets are unfamiliar, so your group ends up getting lost, and suddenly you are in the not-so-great part of town. Your friend whips out her iPhone to try to GPS the club as you all gather around in your scantily clad get-up. You are all so busy trying to figure out where you are that none of you notice the man lurking up on your group from the shadows. He throws you all off guard as he demands your money and cell phones. Not wanting any trouble, you are forced to hand over all of your valuables and are left with nothing.

Your parents warned you not to talk to strangers or leave your drink unattended at a party, but the truth of the matter is, you can’t always predict when a sketchy situation is going to occur. These events sneak up on you without notice and the only thing you can do is to prepare to the best of your ability. SABRE Campus Safety Pepper Gel allows you to have more control over your own safety. The formula has no airborne particles, so it’s safe for bystanders or indoor use. If you’re not comfortable with the pepper gel, try SABRE’s Personal Alarm which doubles as a keychain flashlight. Pulling the pin activates the alarm which sounds at 115 dB! People will surely know when you’re in trouble.

A warning about the pepper gel and personal alarm, though: these are not toys! Make sure you know how to properly use them and that they are used only in emergency situations.

So ladies, whatever your spring break destination may be, these products could be just what you need for a perfect trip. Be safe, have fun, and trust in these brands to assist you in having the best spring break yet!

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