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20 Fall Dates that will make you Fall in Love all over again.

With the weather cooling down and the infamous Seattle rain making its way into the forecast more often things can seem gloomy not just outdoors but for your love life too. Summer makes falling in love feel easy. The sunshine and warm weather provides the perfect backdrop for romantic picnics, late night star gazing, paddle boarding, canoeing, etc. As we drag out our Hunter rainboots, sweaters and yoga pants are we ending the romance in our dating lives? Luckily, cool weather doesn’t mean have to mean an icy love life filled with Netflix and nothing else! Keep reading for 20 date ideas that will make you fall in love with fall (and your boyfriend) all over again.

1. Have an indoor picnic complete with sandwiches (cut in the shape of hearts using cookie cutters of course), homemade cookies and sparkling apple cider.

2. Learn to bake a new recipe together, bonus points if it’s something festive like these Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Blondies.

3. Grab some blankets and cuddle up at a Laser Show at the Pacific Science Center.

4. Host a couple’s game night complete with Cards Against Humanity (or Apples to Apples), card games and if you’re of age a few drinking games.

5. Hit up a pumpkin patch either just the two of you or with a group of friends. Afterwards see who can carve the most creative pumpkin, hot chocolate and hot apple cider are most have party drinks.

6. Go on the Haunted Seattle Tour. There’s no better time to hold hands than when you’re spooked!

7. Check out vintage shops and thrift stores for Halloween costume props. The sillier the items the more fun your shopping trip!

8.Rake up a pile of leaves and jump in them together.

9. Explore Pike Place Market on a rainy day, it’s just as fun but there are way less tourists hanging around.

10. Dress up, light candles and make a nice dinner at home. There’s no reason you should sacrifice romance just because you’re a broke college student.

11. Head to the Neptune Theatre for less expensive concert alternatives. The theatre is lovely and unique and the venue often features well known artists in a more intimate setting.

12.Go on a run around Greenlake, afterwards grab coffee at the near by Starbucks.

13. Take advantage of one of the last sunny days of the season by hiking Rattlesnake Ledge or Mt.Si.

14. Build a blanket fort and tell Ghost stories.

15. Make S’mores in the oven or if over the fire if you have a fire place.

16. Visit Golden Gardens on a rainy day, be sure to bundle up. When the weather is bad you’ll have the beach to yourself for a romantic walk.

17. Go apple picking, afterwards make caramel apples or apple pie.

18. Throw a tailgating party for your guys’ mutual friends before the next football game.

19. Play a game of frisbee on a dry day at Gasworks park.

20. Check out Gameworks’ Play Your Way Thursday evenings after 5:00pm, play all games for $10 until close!


Don’t let the end of summer rain on your dating life collegiettes!

Jordyn is a history major, nanny and creative writing enthusiast. She spends her free time frolicking through fields of daisies, consuming copious amounts of iced mochas and blogging for her personal blog The Fairy Princess Diaries.