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Winter has arrived along with the first snow of WashU (it didn’t last long though). Though it’s getting darker earlier and the wind is biting harder every day, there are still some nice things about winter to look forward to.


Coming from a state where I haven’t seen good snow for years now, I get way too excited to experience actual snow. I’ve tasted that feeling of having a good snowfall before but haven’t experienced it again in a long time.

Hot Cocoa (or warm drinks in general)

Just as much as this is a fall thing, it is also a winter thing. Nothing beats the warmth spreading from drinking warm drinks.

Winter Break

Thank goodness for winter break because I am ready to leave school. Especially this semester, I’ve been counting down the days to breaks. Hopefully, this will be more relaxing than the Thanksgiving break.

The Holidays

I primarily connect this to winter break, and that is why I look forward to the winter holidays. Because at this point in my life, holidays = a break from the never-ending cycle of attempting to learn.

But winter also means more sickness, so please still stay safe and healthy! Enjoy what you can!

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