Why 2000s Style Must Make a Come-Back

Fashion is cyclical. The 90s are back, and I’m pretty sure the 70s have been done to ​death​. The 2000s, however, have yet to make a complete resurgence. And, honestly, I don’t understand why. The chunky, zebra-stripe hair and skirt-over-pants looks are probably things to be forgotten, but low rise pants paired with a crop top and slinky, chiffon dresses are gems from this era. Exhibit A: 

Some other great looks to pull from are, of course, juicy couture tracksuit, the canadian tuxedo, and anything low-rise, cargo-pants-inspired, frilly, drapey, or shiney. Don’t be afraid to mix colors & patterns, and have fun with accessories! Look to Carrie Bradshaw from ​Sex and the City​, and there will be no shortage of inspiration, I promise. Exhibit B: 

Now, about updating these looks (because there are definitely some trends that have to be left in the past). Find yourself a pair of low-rise jeans or cargo pants that you love, and pair it with a more modern crop top. The same can be done with a cute pair of velour sweatpants, for a more casual outfit. Look for dresses and skirts that are lightweight, fun, and colorful, and pair it with simple, understated accessories. Just channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw, or 2000s Keira Knightly and Gwen Stefani, and you will be on your way to looking like a 2000s fashion queen!