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Where to Eat on the Day of WILD

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

Although WILD will the be the place to flaunt your love for all things free and enjoy some gratis pre-Wild noshing, eating a hearty meal before the festivities commence is essential. Fast, easy, close to campus and of course delicious are the main criteria for what the meal should entail. Here is a list of some of the places that will deliver you the perfect pre-WILD lunch.


1) St. Louis Bread Co.

To all of my fellow non-St. Louis natives who still aren’t in the know, this is just Panera using its original name (you now officially having bragging rights that the city you live in is home to one of the best chains of all time). Panera has a vast variety of options, letting you decide how healthy you want to be while getting full no matter what. Feeling sinful? The mac and cheese kills it everytime. Trying to avoid feelings of guilt while still enjoying a delicious meal? Their array of salads can satisfy anyone’s taste buds.


2) Noodles & Co.

It is hardly up for debate that pasta is the best type of food to eat prior to going out and having some fun. Rich and filling, pasta will keep you full throughout WILD (though I promise once you see those popsicles you’ll suddenly have some room). That being said, what could be better than eating at a restaurant devoted to different types of pasta as your pre-WILD lunch? Whether you’re feeling American, Italian, Japanese or Thai, the Noodles menu features dishes from almost any genre of food you can think of.


3) Pi Pizzeria

I, like most East Coasters, miss delicious New York pizza regularly. Though the St. Louis tomato sauce is peculiarly sweet, Pi is the closest you can get to getting a little taste of home. Pizza is an essential pre-fiesta food, and the pizza served at Pi is gourmet enough that it won’t leave you feeling bloated and greasy unlike most of the pizza places you’d encounter. However, for the lazier people out there, the walk all the way to the end of the loop might prove to be too daunting the day of WILD.

4) Chipotle

Chips, guac and salsa: three things that will excite you almost as much as the thought of the day of WILD. You simply cannot go wrong by going to Chipotle and enjoying some cheap, heavenly Mexican food. Pairing a taco salad or burrito as your main entree along with the chips as a side is a winning choice and will keep you full and happy throughout the night. Sadly, you’ll just have to wait until later to drink that lime margarita that would go perfectly with the meal.


5) Jimmy John’s

Though Holmes Lounge does a magnificent job at creating the perfect custom sandwich, there is a slim chance that you’ll have the patience to wait in that ridiculously long line, plus there is nothing like a homemade sub to hit the spot. Available to order online, Jimmy John’s is convenient and fast and you can even order it to campus if you’re not feeling the walk to the Loop.

Chloe is a sophomore in the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. She hails from Westport, Connecticut where she was Managing Editor of her high school's newspaper. She is an avid fan of ice cream, Sex and the City marathons, and napping.