Where To Brunch

Hi my name is Rachel and I LOVE brunch. I find it a true crime of passion against humanity that brunch usually only exists on the weekends. Since there are basically only 2 “true” brunch opportunities during the week, those being Saturday and Sunday, my friends and I like to make the most of them. When my friends and I choose to go to brunch, boy, do we DO brunch. We scout the menu online, call in our reservation ahead of time, coordinate our orders to maximize the spread of sweet and savory we can get, and of course scout the weekend specials. Also don’t forget stalking instagram to spy which dishes look the best. After being in St. Louis for 4 months, I feel like I have a decent grasp on the city’s brunch scene. So that said, here are some brunch recommendations! 


1. Half & Half

My friends and I went to half and half on our off-day, and I honestly think we ate half the place. Between the four of us we ordered 8 entrees, and we had to explain to our waitress (who walked by ogling our table in disbelief at least three times) that we were college athletes. Hands down the cinnamon roll pancakes were the best thing I’ve eaten. A close second would be the roasted banana oatmeal, which comes in a steaming mug. They even have a s’mores latte which comes with honest-to-god mini toasted marshmellows on top. 


2. Hello Juice & Smoothie 


Despite the slow service and insanely overpriced food, this place has a great vibe with a ton of natural light, perfect for garnering a productive Saturday. They’re fall bowl is BEYOND delicious.


3. Roosters 

Admittedly, my friend and I went here after a failed trip to Hello Juice, but boy was this the best makeup brunch ever. My friend and I split a greek omelet (which came rolled up like a wrap, very cool), a banana nutella crepe, and banana walnut pancakes. Overall the crepe was definitely the best out of the three, so if you go I’d recommend pairing a crepe with one of their refreshing coffee variations. 


4. Bloom

Though I’ve yet to try this one for myself, I mean c’mON, just look at the photo.


5. Seeds Cafe 

I have a friend who went to Seeds and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Seeds is completely vegan and apparently also completely delicious. I’ll follow up when I try it for myself :))