What's Happening at Mizzou and Yale - And Why It Matters

You’ve probably heard, read, or seen in the news that something is happening at Mizzou and Yale. Among the numerous Facebook posts and statuses, tweets, articles, videos, and more, college students all over the country are standing in solidarity with the students of color on those college campuses who feel unsafe and have been affected by racism. As college students, neighbors to Mizzou, and citizens of this country, we have a responsibility to understand what is happening at these two schools. The fact that these things are occurring at higher institutions of learning in this year, 2015, is disgusting. But this problem of racism and institutionalized racism is real, and because it is real, we must seek to understand and to unite against it. So, if you haven’t already, here are some sources that will help explain the situations at Mizzou and Yale.


Credit: New York Times

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Across the country, these incidents are sparking dialogue within college campuses and beyond about the issue of institutionalized racism. As a WashU student, a Missouri resident, and a citizen of this country, take part in this dialogue. Whether it be talking to your roommate, reading more articles, making a Facebook status (#WashUstandswithMizzou), participating in formal protests or debates on campus, or simply reflecting or asking questions, these incidents demand our attention here and now.