What I Won't Miss About Freshman Year

There is one week of classes left and 18 days until I’ll be leaving St.Louis for the summer. After two long semesters, hundreds of BD meals, and a ton of new friends, it is now time to kiss freshman year goodbye. Although freshman year was filled with amazing first times, and was one of the biggest lifestyle changes i’ve probably made (in a positive way), here are some reasons why I won’t miss being a freshman.


1) Not knowing anyone


Starting school somewhere where I didn’t know the majority of people was extremely difficult. I could walk all day at school and not recognize one person around me, and that was very odd! I definitely won’t miss not knowing whether someone was a freshman or not , or not being able to remember whether I had met a person already, or awkwardly waving at them from a distance.



#2)  Walking around looking very lost


It took me a solid month into first semester to figure out where my classes were and the names of most buildings on campus . Within that month I walked around looking completely lost and confused. It was NOT good.  



3) Freshman 15


Okay maybe I didn’t gain the freshman fifteen but it’s actually impossible to not gain weight freshman year. Who can resist those late night half and halfs and  those yummy pizza slices??? After this year it should be much easier to manage working out and eating so next year won’t be a repeat of the “Freshman Fifteen”.

4) Not knowing how to manage my time


This year was full of scrambling to make last minute deadlines and managing my social life. I would like to think I have learned to balance work and play and that I won’t be panicking as much within the next few years.

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