What I Have Learned in my First Two Weeks as a Freshman

1. Nobody is ever up in the early mornings

It really is true that college students just don’t get up that early. This is even more true on weekends. This is when I like to get my stuff done because nobody is around to witness me atypically starting my day at 8.

2. It’s a lot of studying and reading

I love 30-page b-school readings (hear the sarcasm?).

3. I am always tired

I don’t think that I’ve ever experienced exhaustion like this before. It’s not quite like the deep draining tiredness from before, but more like a dull ache of constant exhaustion. Sleep is and will always be good. Enjoy sleeping whenever possible.

4. “Spring Break” Ends: The Return of Procrastination

After a quarantine of doing nothing, procrastination is back at its full force. I really just spent 5 months doing nothing besides reading memes and watching videos. Now that college has started, I’m trying to manage my procrastination tendencies better than I did ages ago when school was still in session.

Is it working? ~That’s a secret only time will tell. ~

5. We’re still in a pandemic

College in a pandemic is interesting. I’m pretty sure the situation has been keeping me from doing things that I might have more easily done if I wasn’t so nervous all the time. My vampiric tendencies are being put into maximum use considering the fact that I stay indoors all day every day now, except when I go out to hunt (for food at the dining hall). But in all seriousness, the pandemic is certainly making things different. Don't forget to social distance and wear masks!

6. People’s ability to socialize never ceases to amaze me

Do they not have work to do? Do they ever get tired of socializing? Am I just that cynically introverted person who feels tired after trying to talk to other people? (yes. yes, I am that person)