What Does Where You're Going Abroad Say About You?

This is what where you’re going abroad says about you as a person:

London: You’re a basic bitch who didn’t take a language classes at WashU, and London is the only place that offers English classes for your poli-sci or economics major.

Copenhagen: You’re also a basic bitch who didn’t take a language...but you are probably a psych major, and you're just ready to “live your best life in Europe”.

 Chile: You’re probably “too cool” to be in Europe and want to ~really immerse yourself in the culture~ but go you for actually learning Spanish well enough to make it through.

Italy: You’re definitely an artsy fartsy betch who is in Sam Fox, enough said.

Paris: You’re the person who goes abroad to improve their instagram feed and eat yummy food. Studying who?

Israel: You took a gap year and really just want to go back. Probably a B-Schooler.

Australia: You think you're unique for not going to Europe, but you're mad when it’s basically America ‘down unda.


Get to writing those abroad applications to continue to stereotype yourself!!

By Maia Sanders