What to Do at Wustl Over Fall Break

When you're still at WashU for Fall Break it feels like campus is a ghost town. For whatever reason, you’ve found yourself spending a relaxing and low-key break here in St. Louis. However, that does not mean that it has to be boring. Here is how to make the best of the 4 days of very much needed break while you’re still at school.


1. Sleep

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. If the only thing you do over Fall Break is sleep, all the power to you. Midterm Week, aka Hell Week, is both emotionally and physically draining. But you made it through, passing (fingers crossed!!) all of your exams. It is important to recharge so that you’re energized and readjusted for the inevitable avalanche of work that will fall on you the second you start classes again.


2. Go To The Arch

Most people went to the arch during Bear Beginnings or whatever, but I was basically deathly ill and had to stay in my messy, half unpacked dorm room for the first week of Freshman year (ya college!) It’s like the one thing relatives at Thanksgiving will ask you when you say you go to school in St. Louis. Hopefully I’ll muster up the energy to leave my bed this break and finally go just in time for awkward conversation season: the Holidays.



3. Apple Picking

Since the weather has been averaging like 150 degrees everyday, it’s pretty hard to get into a festive fall mood. While this won’t fill the void of not being able to properly accessorize with the season, going apple picking will at least help you get into the fall spirit. Okay, I know apple picking is super basic, but whatever. Do it for the Insta.



4. Bake Something

After you have an AMAZING time apple picking (you’re welcome for the suggestion), why not put those apples to use instead of letting them rot in your suite’s fridge? There are so many cute and easy recipes that you’ve definitely saved on Pinterest or videos that you’ve saved on Facebook or Insta. Make candy apples or apple pie. Or you screw the apples and make pumpkin pie because that’s far superior in my opinion.


5. Go To SLAM

Even if you're not a super art nerd like me, you will still love the St. Louis Art Museum. This is the perfect time to go because it will be super empty on weekday mornings and afternoons (it’s closed on Mondays though btw #artnerd). You’ll feel super cultured afterwords, and all your friends will think you are, too, after you flood your Snapstory with Monet’s Water Lilies and Degas’ various dancers.



6. Go To The St. Louis Zoo

I really must not get out much because I still have yet to go to the zoo. From what I have seen via Snapchat, it is super fun and there are really cute animals. Weekdays are also the perfect time to go because you won’t have as many little kids hogging all the animals at the petting zoo.

By Sophie Taibl

gifs: giphy.com