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Ways to Keep Calm and Carry On During Finals

1. Book a massage chair at the new AC. For 20 minutes you get to sit in the comfiest chair and get an actually amazing massage all for free. 10/10 would recommend. Great for a de-stressor during finals week.

2. Make a study schedule and actually stick to it. Be realistic with it and include necessary breaks throughout the days.

3. During your break you could take a walk around Forest Park if it isn’t too cold out.

4. Or you could do a more intense work out indoors. As the wise Elle Woods once said…

5. You could also use your breaks to go get a mani/pedi. Ladue Nails and Beautiful Nails are right near campus!

6. Change up your study location. Sometimes you can go stir crazy after sitting in the same Simon cubicle all day. Try out different libraries or even go to Kayaks one day for a change of scenery!

7. Get a lot of sleep. This includes naps. Being well-rested keeps you healthier, looking better, and helps your performance on tests.

8. Eat lots of ice cream!! Jilly’s, Jeni’s, or that new place Snow Factory on the Loop.


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