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A Wash U Freshman’s First Month, as told by Kristen Wiig

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

How have these first few weeks of school been for the newest additions to the Wash U Collegiettes? Well, look no further than everyone’s favorite funnywoman, Kristen Wiig, to break it down:

Before you got to campus, you were excited for the millions of possibilities at Wash U.

You’ve said goodbye to the high school drama and test scores,

But as you’re unpacking your car on the South 40, surrounded by unfamiliar overly excited faces of RAs and WUSAs, you’re just like…

If you’ve been blessed with a modern dorm, you’re thinking

However, if you’re walking into your traditional (*cough, cough Ruby*), you’re like

You start getting your act together, buying exuberantly priced textbooks,

Hitting the gym,

Making friends that seem as normal as possible,

And, of course, finding the best food. Holmes Lounge? Half-and-half? Anything at the Village? The possibilities are endless.

So you start your college life with your roommate(s),

All excited for class to get started,

And especially thankful to say goodbye to Bear Beginnings.

Unaware of what’s about to begin, you walk fresh-faced into your first class

And are quickly surprised—but why should you be, really?—about how much work Wash U is.

So you scramble for a spot at Olin and get on that “study grind.”

And when the frats finally open up, you can take a break and be like

So you think you’re doing well at Wash U, and you’re feeling like

Little do you know there’s still 3 ½ more years of work to go,

But you quickly realize you’re a Wash U Collegiette, and can rock the next four years!

Source: http://mylifethroughkristenwiig.tumblr.com/

Gabi Stone is a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis, a short 9-hour drive away from her hometown of Detroit, Michigan. She enjoys solo grocery shops at Whole Foods, Saturday Night Live reruns, and checking things off of lists.