The Unofficial Ranking of Taylor’s Swift Fearless Re-recorded album

Taylor Swift has outdone herself once again. I am a huge fan of her older music, so naturally, I was overjoyed when I heard about the Fearless Re-recording and vault songs. Here is my (unofficial) ranking of (some of) the songs from the newest album:


1. Mr. Perfectly Fine

2. Today Was A Fairytale

3. Forever and Always Piano Version

4. You Belong With Me

5. Love Story

6. Hey Stephan

7. Fifteen

8. White Horse

9. You All Over Me ft. Maren Morris

10. The Best Day

11. Jump Then Fall

12. Fearless

13. Breathe ft. Colbie Callait

14. The Way I Loved You

15. Come In With The Rain

16. The Other Side of the Door

17. Untouchable

18. Superstar

19. Change

20. That’s When ft Keith Urban

21. Bye Bye Baby

22. Don’t You

23. We Were Happy

24. Tell Me Why

25. You’re Not Sorry


And of course, while these songs are ranked, every single one is amazing and this new album absolutely did not disappoint.