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Top 7 Places for Betches Brunch

It’s Sunday and you and your friends just can’t decide where to get brunch… well, we’re here to help. Here are our top five places to brunch accompanied by our favorite dishes to order.

1. Half & Half

This trendy restaurant does not only have amazing food but also has the best coffee and iced drinks. Their iced latte with chocolate is like adult chocolate milk- So. Good. If you are in Clayton, you definitely have to hit this place up. Eggs Benedict is a must. Also, must be known that there tends to be a very long line to get in.


2. Brasserie by Niche

Brasserie, an adorable french brasserie, is definitely a little more “upscale” than other places, but the prices are not. Their quiche and eggs benedict are great if you are looking for a filling breakfast, but make sure you get a side (grapefruit or frites are highly suggested) because their portions are a bit small. Also, if you are feeling adventurous, ask about their special!


3. Kayak’s

If you’re looking for something a little quicker and closer to campus, this is your place. For sweet tooths, get the berry french toast with a side of chocolate chips… and maybe chocolate syrup too. And for those who crave savory, the Sicilian is too good to describe. Just get it.



4. Winslow’s Home


Winslow’s has all your basics from eggs to pancakes to avo toast and an amazing bakery. Get anything from the bakery and you will honestly be set. But, if you are looking for a quality brunch meal, their Breakfast Burrito and Brisket Sandwich are absolutely delicious.



5. Companion

Companion isn’t your “typical” (cute, sit down and order, etc.) brunch place, but they do have the best breakfast sandwiches around. Each of their sandwiches are unique and delicious, top two sandwiches being the Green, Eggs and Ham and the Claytonian on a croissant. Don’t get us wrong, they have other great things besides sandwiches like eggs, oatmeal and bagels.


6. Rooster

If you like crepes, you will love Rooster. The crepes at Rooster are amazing and range from the classic nutella and banana crepe to bacon, cheese, tomato and lettuce crepes. You can choose your crepe from three sections: savory, sweet and breakfast. They also have other brunch foods like eggs and sandwiches, which are also great!



7. The Mud House

Not only is the brunch food here delicious, but their pastries and coffee are all amazing. The Mud House has an all-day breakfast and lunch menu, so whatever you are in the mood for in your choice. If you know the amazing, warm taste of grits, you must get their cheddar grits. Breakfast sandwich and the french toast are also highly recommended.


feautre photo courtesy of riverfronttimes.com

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