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Top 5 Most Important Things for a Covid College Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

COVID semester is an interesting time to say the least. I don’t know how much longer it will be extending, whether next semester will be all the same or worse or if the semester after this will be like it as well but here is a list of things that made my first college semester, and my first COVID college semester still a great experience.

  1. Bop It 

You might think, what semi-adult would possibly even think about playing Bop It? Who would want to Bop It, Pull It, Twist It, and even sometimes Shout It when they could be doing so many other amazing things. Well the answer is me and the countless friends I have made because I brought my first grade toy to college with me. DISCLAIMER: keep your mask on and socially distance while you play!


  1. Mesh Bag for Masks

It is just so much easier to wash when they are all together and you can pull them to air dry before they end up in the dryer and thus shrinking.


  1. Panini Press/Grilled Cheese Maker/Any Sort of Heated Sandwich Machine

Panini presses are ESSENTIAL. Halloween night I returned to my dorm to my trusty friend, dearest melted bread and cheese. Last night, after a much stressful week of work, she was once again there for me, producing a most luscious late-night comfort snack. When I have too much work and am too lazy to go to BD for food, my grilled cheese maker is always there for me. 


  1. Rumikub

I’d never played this before college but it is amazing. 100% recommended. It has brought my floor which has now turned into a bubble so much closer together. 


  1. Snacks from Home, preferably chocolate

I didn’t bring this at first. I hadn’t even eaten this at home in years, but for some reason about a month into college, I got a sudden craving for Malley’s breakup dark chocolate which if you aren’t from North East Ohio and don’t know is the best chocolate in the world. My mom sent me some and it has been making my semester 10000% better. 

Sammi Fremont is a freshman at WashU intending to major in environmental analysis and comparative literature.
breakfast & poetry enthusiast