Things To Do In Snow

Coming from the South, our snow is quite weak (if we get any at all). Even the brief snowfall that WashU got this past week got me excited. I usually don’t like the cold, but the pristine conditions of freshly fallen snow are pleasantly pleasing to me. 

But what makes snow so whimsical? Well, there’s lots of fun to be had in the snow. Here are some activities associated with it:

  • Building Snowmen (or snow-anything for that matter)
    • The classic icon of snow creations, any snowman is a good snowman. Snow art is an art form.
  • Making Snowballs
    • For soft revenge, use snowballs.
  • Walking in the snow
    • The texture of fresh snow is interesting: soft and crunchy. Listening to the crunch is somewhat satisfying to me.
  • Snowflakes in the trees
    • Like a dusting of sugar, fluffy snow clouds sit oh so plump on the branches of trees, creating that classic winter wonderland scene.
  • Admiring the view from afar
    • There’s SNOW place like sitting in the comfort of a warm building with your hot drink of choice and watching snow fall.

Snow adds the magic to winter. At least for me who has never experienced big snow. Happy Winter!