These Boots Were Made For (More Than) Walking

Dr. Martens, Doc Martens, Docs...Regardless of what you call them, docs have become a favorite style go-to and staple in everyday fashion. Whether it’s for a more casual look or a more dressed up occasion, docs keep you both comfy and chic. Here are 5 of my favorite ways to style docs- or really just any pair of boots that you love.

  1. T-shirt + jeans. The timeless classic of a t-shirt and jeans gets a slightly elevated touch with any pair of fun boots.
  2. Patterned dress. Docs add a nice contrast to any patterned dress- florals, plaid, stripes, etc. I love the touch of hardware they add to the softer look of a dress, creating a really fresh cohesiveness. Add a jacket or layer the dress with a long sleeve to make this fit fall friendly.
  3. Skirt and sweater. In a similar vein to the dress, I love the juxtaposition the docs give for any skirt outline. With sweaters, I love pairing it with a skater or pleated skirt to change up the outfit’s silhouette. Complete with the docs, and you have an easy, versatile outfit. 
  4. Long coats. Something I adore about docs is how they fit so snugly. The flare of the coat with the sleek look of the docs is a perfect option heading into colder weather.
  5. Flared pants. Aside from jeans, I love a good pair of flared out pants- from bell bottoms to looser dress pants. With bell bottoms, docs fit so well with the shape, and with dress pants, docs create a nice balance in casual style.