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Being the daughter of a dermatologist has come with constant use of sunscreen no matter what time of the year! Whether it is 35 degrees and cloudy or 90 degrees and sunny there is always sunscreen covering my face. Although I have found it annoying at times, I am thankful to be protecting my skin year-round! Here are three reasons why it is so important to wear sunscreen even during the winter:

Sunburns Still Occur in The Winter

Ultraviolet rays are the rays that cause sunburns. Even though these rays are stronger during the summer months, they can still cause sunburns during the winter. Although very hard to believe, the sun is closer to the earth during the winter months. It may not feel like you are getting any color, but you still are!

Keeps Skin Young

Sun rays are what depletes the collagen in your skin, which causes the skin to sag and age prematurely. It is estimated that 90% of wrinkles are caused by exposure to the sun. It is vital to get into the habit of using sunscreen year-round to keep it smooth and youthful!

Winter Sport Protection

It is so important for all the skiers and snowboarders to wear sunscreen. The higher one’s elevation, the greater the exposure to harmful UV rays. In addition, snow reflects sunlight making an athlete more likely to burn.

It may seem unnecessary to wear sunscreen during the winter, but this is not the case! Wearing sunscreen promotes important protection that so many people tend to forget. I will always be grateful that my dad has forced me to wear sunscreen year-round because I know the benefits surpass the slight inconvenience of one more step to my morning routine!

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