The Struggles of Seasonal Allergies in St. Louis

While we’ve been living through the Missouri monsoon, seasonal allergies in St. Louis are notoriously bad. Although my allergies are not as bad as usual because of this endless downpour, the struggle is still real. Here is an illustration of what allergies in St. Louis are like for those of you who don’t understand.

1. You always look like you’ve been crying.

Or like you’re #blazed af. On the other hand, this is a great excuse to hide the fact that you actually were crying.

2. You’re trapped inside

While everyone is outside, studying, hammocking or just hanging out, if you take one step out of your dorm, you’re dead.

3. Everyone thinks you’re sick

Your constant sneezing grosses everyone out, even though you reassure them that your allergies are not contagious.


4. Basically, you feeling like death

You’ll be on the brink of death, coughing up a storm, and then someone suggests that you try allergy medicine like you have never thought of that before! In summary, even with medicine, allergies suck.


By Sophie Taibl