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Stop Searching. Here’s What to Watch on Netflix This Week.

Ever feel like you spend more time searching for what to watch on Netflix than actually sitting back, eating a big ole bag of popcorn, and bingeing as the world wants you to? Join the club.

Here are some suggestions to lighten your searching time.


The Great British Baking Show

Adorable people with accents baking biscuits, pies, and bread. What’s not to love?

Brings American cooking shows to shame, and the British and just too nice to be competitive.


Queer Eye

Get the tissues ready. These transformations will first make you cry, and then make you think where and how can I sign up for a makeover?


Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts is and will always be iconic.


Dead to Me

Murder and friendship, what’s not to love? Plus, James Marsden isn’t too hard on the eyes.


Black Mirror

This is no sit back do your homework and simultaneously binge type of show. Black Mirror requires a whole lot of thinking and a whole lot of questioning. Beware, each episode messes with your brain and might make you fear the power of your iPhone.


Aliya is an Editorial Intern for Her Campus Media, as well as a member of the Her Campus and Spoon University community at her college. She is a student at Washington University in St. Louis, with a major in American Culture Studies and a minor in Design. When she’s not aggressively snapping ~artsy~ photos or binge-watching films, Aliya is most likely obsessing over absurd fashion trends or perhaps trying them herself.
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