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Srishti Kapur 2019

Freshman Srishti Kapur is just starting to adjust to life at WashU.

Name: Srishti Kapur

Year: 2019

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Any ideas on a major: Well, I’m premed but maybe Healthcare Administration

Campus involvement: I’m pledging PGN and am also in Model UN and Ashoka.

Favorite thing about WashU so far: I’m not in the right mental state to answer this right now. The stress is real.

Pet peeves: The Math department

Favorite Singer: The Weeknd

Movie that you’ve watched more than any other: No time for that sh*t man...

Something that you like about yourself: (She’s friendly and easy to talk to :))

Where’s somewhere you’d like to travel: Qatar would be cool.

Are you superstitious about anything: Nope, don’t think so.


Joanne is a freshman studying econ in arts&sciences. It's not possible for her to not oversleep, and Saturday morning brunch and BD's is her favorite thing at Washu. Joanne also enjoys playing catan, watching doomsday preppers, and reading menus online.
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