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Spring Break Withdrawal as Told by Friends

  1. That horrible realization of all of the work you need to do

After a week of relaxation, it can come as a shock that the return to school means a return to work. Turns out taking a week off from  doing anything leaves you with a lot on your to-do list Sunday night.


  1. Reminiscing about the good times

Using those spring break memories to distract you from all the stress you just started to feel again.


  1. Going through that first day and week of classes after break

Maybe all you need is a bubble bath and a glass of wine to recover...and maybe a nap, too.


  1. Pro tip: fake sick so you don’t have to go through a whole week right away

Make the transition easier for yourself by taking a day or two off!.


  1. Trying to explain how you feel about life, but no words can really do it justice

This is when you know the struggle is real and spring break took all the life out of you.


  1. Of course when you call your parents you reassure them that everything is good and normal and going as per usual.

Better convince them your spring break trip was a good decision!


  1. Finally, as the second week after break begins, you may begin to return to the norms.

This is when you should be most proud of yourself because you survived the horrible week of spring break blues. Good job!

Washington University class of 2019/Arts and Sciences, undeclared.
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