A Solo Thanksgiving

Like many others around the world, this Thanksgiving is going to look a little different than what I would have expected a year ago. For one thing, I’ll be celebrating in St. Louis, and for another, I won’t be spending it with my family for the first time in my life. Despite the current circumstances, this Thanksgiving, more than ever perhaps, it’s important to always remember everything to be grateful for, and with the hectic chaos that was midterm season, I’m more than ready for a few days to rest and rejuvenate. If you’re looking for any inspiration on how to spend your break, here are some of my plans for the upcoming week!


1. Self care day: I’m excited to finally put the hydrating facial masks I brought from home to use. A cup of tea, a good book, and some relaxing background music to complete the peaceful vibes.

2. Clean the room: A deep cleaning is definitely in order. From reordering my closet (closet cleanouts will never get old) to organizing my makeup, I’m surprisingly excited to restore some order to my room.

3. Sort out my class notes. There’s something very satisfying about organized notes in their right place. While never an activity I look forward to...if not now, then when? 

4. Call my friends and family. While many miles apart, it’s important to check in and stay connected with people I miss. Plus, Zoom is going to lift its 40 minute time limit for free meetings on Thanksgiving!

5. Workout. After days spent studying and pouring over notes (equipped with midnight snacking and stressing), I’m definitely planning on doing a workout, whether that’s through yoga, cardio, or an infamous Chloe Ting video (or all of the above!) to refresh and reset for the rest of the semester.


And that’s the majority of it- wherever you are in the world, Happy Thanksgiving!