Shows To Binge Watch When You’re Alone on Valentine’s Day

Shows To Binge Watch When You’re Alone on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is always rough when you're single (aka me every year). Luckily, I've become an expert in how to distract yourself from the fact that you're alone. Here is a list of shows to binge watch for all my fellow members of #TeamForeverAlone.

Black Mirror

This show will mess with your mind so much that you won't even remember that it's Valentine's' Day. You'll be too stressed out about how future technology will take over the world instead!

Planet Earth

A very important documentary about nature, it will show you what a big place the world is. Because of this, it will remind you that there are a ton of other people who are also alone, therefore, you will eventually find someone!

The Crown

You have high standards, just like royalty. You're single because you refuse to settle for anything less than a prince. Watching a show about your royal peers will help you remember that.

The Great British Baking Show

You're probably stuffing your face with sweets, so you might as well watch other people make them. This will also give you inspiration for the next baked good to try (as soon as you muster the energy to get out of bed).


Continuing with the theme of British television, Sherlock is perfect for single ladies. Not only will you get sucked into solving all of the mysteries, but you will high key relate to Sherlock's disinterest and inability to have romantic relationships. Truly inspiring.

By Sophie Taibl