Shea Gouldd (2017)

Meet Shea Gouldd, business school freshman, Liggett-Koenig College Council President, Phi Gamma Nu brother, and did I mention she owns her bakery?  Shea has a passion that led her to start her own business and win the National Federation of Independent Business’ 2013 Young Entrepreneur Award! She even donates 10% of all profits to charity… How cool is that? With a bakery that is rated number one on Urbanspoon in Delray Florida, you will definitely want to get to know this week’s Campus Celeb!

Name: Shea Gouldd.

Hometown: Delray, Florida.

Year: Freshman.

Potential Major: Entrepreneurship.

Claim to Fame: Baker extraordinaire and owner of Shea’s Bakery in Delray Beach, Florida.

How did you decide to open your own bakery? I used to bake all the time in eighth grade, but it got really expensive just to do it as a hobby, so I starting selling the things I made, and business took off. I sold my first cheesecake in October of 2008, and I had thirty orders for Thanksgiving! My bakery now does lots of wedding cakes and sells to local vendors and coffee shops.  

What is the coolest thing that owning your own business has allowed you to do? The coolest thing my business has allowed me to do is inspire others. I do a lot of public speaking in Florida and work with programs for women, girls, and teens, to talk to them about following their passions. My favorite experiences as an entrepreneur have come from working to show others that they too can do what I did.

What is your favorite dessert to bake? Cupcakes.

What about to eat? Cheesecake!

Any cake decorating advice to share? Don’t be afraid to get creative!

And what is the one piece of advice you would give to students who want to start their own business?

My advice for others who want to start a business is go for it. My main advice is always: Don't be afraid of failure. See failure as an opportunity for growth, because each time you fail, you're one step closer to getting it right.