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The pandemic hit its first anniversary on Saturday, March 13. Many people are calling this “season two, episode one” of quarantine. As the vaccine distribution continues, we must not let our guard down and consider the pandemic over.

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, people will naturally want to celebrate together, especially since they could not in 2020. However, the number of COVID-19 cases remains high, and it would be safest to gather socially distant and outside or virtually. I made a list of safe activities you can do with your friends to feel still close in these remote times.

1. Picnic in Forest Park

2. Play frisbee, volleyball, spike ball, or any sport that does not require contact

3. Walk around WashU’s beautiful campus

4. Socially distant workouts or stream workout classes on Zoom

5. Stream a Bob Ross video on Zoom and paint together

6. Watch hand-lettering tutorials on YouTube to master the art of calligraphy

7. Send vlogs on Marco Polo

8. Plan a trip you and your friends will take post-quarantine

9. Join a virtual trivia league

10. Read the same books as your friends and start a virtual book club

11. Have a Netflix Party to watch a movie or tv series

12. Play online games – Codenames, Among Us, Skribbl, and so many more options

These possibilities are endless, and while they might not be as fun as meeting in person, they are necessary for us to be together again soon, hopefully.

Sophie is a freshman at Wash U and is studying in the Olin Business School.
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