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Romance Movies for Winter

As the holidays approach, and the weather begins to worsen, there is nothing some of us want more than to curl up with a cozy blanket and a warm bowl of popcorn to watch our favorite movies. With all the movies that are being filtered onto Netflix, it can be hard to find the best romantic comedy flicks to dedicate your time to.

Personally, I have found that no “rom-com” can compare to the early-mid 2000s flicks. I’ve compiled a list of ten of my favorites so that you can spend your winter nights chilling with the best movies.

1.) How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days

2.) The Proposal

3.) The Other Woman

4.) Two Weeks Notice

5.) Sweet Home Alabama

6.) Love Actually (Bonus! This one is a holiday movie as well!)

7.) Hitch

8.) The Holiday (Also a tried-and-true holiday rom-com)

9.) 27 Dresses

10.)The Ugly Truth

Additionally, I’ve compiled a few of the newer Netflix movies that are on my must-watch list or have steadily become some of my favorites on the platform. Although they can never rival the glory of the “classics”, these ones can still bring some joy to the cold-weather season.

1.) Always Be My Maybe

2.) Holidate (Brand new! I have yet to see but it’s next on my list)

3.) Love Guaranteed

4.) Set It Up

5.) Falling Inn Love

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