The Pros and Cons of Spring Break with your Family

With midterms wrapping up and campus slowly emptying out, it’s clear that spring break is here. While there’s nothing more exciting than heading home for a week, it’s always important to remember that being home has its advantages and disadvantages. Read on Collegiettes, and see why the grass might be greener on the Danforth Campus:

Pro: You have all the food you could possibly want.

Con: You have to actually go and get it since it’s not less than 2 feet from your bed.

Pro: You can sing in the shower!

Con: You have no one to sing with when you’re out of the shower.

Pro: You get to see your beloved dog/cat/chinchilla after an extended separation!

Con: Without schoolwork to do, you’re on the top of the list to take your beloved dog/cat/chinchilla on daily walks (possibly in the freezing cold).

Pro: You’ve got plenty of time to catch up with all of your hometown high school friends!

Con: It gets difficult telling a story about that time you and Rachel got a Felipe at BD when they don’t who Rachel is, what a Felipe is, and what “BD” even stands for.

Pro: If you’re car-less on campus, once you’re home you’ve got the freedom to drive wherever you want!

Con: You’ve also got the duty of driving wherever your younger sibling wants to go.

Pro: No 2 AM half-and-halfs to ruin your healthy eating.

Con: No half-and-halfs to “ruin” your “healthy eating”.

Pro: You’re at home!

Con: You’re not at PCB… or PV… or anywhere with cool abbreviations and lots of college students. (Keep in mind, though, this side does carry the possibility of ending up like the girls in Spring Breakers)

The verdict? Regardless of the cons, take time to enjoy the pros. Happy spring break, Wash U!