Perspective of a Glass Table

On a warm March afternoon, the light hits my crystal clear glass, a ray of rainbows engulfs the room. I bask in the glory of the warm sun coming through a nearby window, giving me a stunning shine. My candy applewood edges frame me like a portrait of magnificent art. But as the year progressed my sparkle and glisten began to fade. In the main living room, I can hear the worried voice of a newscaster announcing the closing of almost all schools around the nation. I pondered why this was occurring until I heard the conversations of the other inhabitants of my home, the humans. Their voices trembled with fear as they spoke about a new virus hailed COVID-19, that has brought upon us a pandemic.  

“A pandemic,” I thought.  

“I haven’t heard talk about a pandemic since the SARS outbreak in 2002.” 

My first thought was that I won’t need to worry because as a useful household appliance, I won’t face any real threats from the virus. But I was greatly mistaken as the pandemic wreaked havoc on every aspect of everyday life. As the pandemic progressed, I saw fewer dustings and cleanings to my brilliant hardware and heard more worried conversations about how my owners would be able to go to important doctor’s appointments or the grocery store on their own now that the virus has reached our area, Pope County. I also heard the anxious cry for help from the youngest member of the household, about their fears for college and the future in general. Their worries only progressed as we eased into the summer. 

In July, I was beginning to think they forgot about me and my living room neighbors because my crystal clear glass was no longer clear. I was beginning to show my age and wear. The pandemic took a much bigger toll on the humans than I, as they became more aware of their economic stance, and the slim chance that a vaccine would become available within the year.  

My outlook as well as my appearance became brighter as the year progressed and the younger human became more educated on the virus and ways to protect those around her by being kind and understanding of others during this tough time. As I saw her academic growth, I was greeted with more polishing and warm sunlight on my delicate fixtures.