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Since I’m studying remotely from Chicago right now, I’ve found time to disconnect from schoolwork and my phone screen by exploring forest preserves and parks that are a further radius out from where I live. I’ve found a forest preserve that not only has beautiful lakes and lush fields, but also a scenic route that leads to it. Every Saturday, I try to reserve time for the long-anticipated drive up. As I drive, sunlight streams through tousled leaves and the trees that line the road seem to glow from within.

highway with fall-colored trees
Photo by Tara Robinson from Pexels

Fall is the season for change–there’s no better time to change up your playlist! As you admire long stretches of road canopied by mesmerizing jewel-toned leaves, I hope this playlist can accompany that sense of wonder.

  • Different Skies by Shoffy
  • Motions by Shoffy
  • Takes My Body Higher by Shoffy ft. Lincoln Jesser
  • Time Heals (Holmsey Remix) by nimino, Holmsey
  • Queen by ayokay ft. Quinn XCII
  • Past Life by Trevor Daniel ft. Selena Gomez
  • Mister Mister by Mishaal
  • I Don’t Wanna Wait for Summer by Mishaal
  • Downtown (Holmsey Remix) by Half an Orange, Holmsey


I hope you guys can spend some time outside this week! Enjoy~

Addie Li

Wash U '24

currently obsessed with tie-dye
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