My Favorite Way to Procrastinate Guilt-Free

Last time I wrote, I talked about my new habit of watching Teen Wolf. Over the past two weeks, I’ve gotten tired of it. I’m not tired of the overly dramatic plot or of the extremely attractive protagonists,

but I am tired of the “Junk Food” aspect of it that was so appealing to me a week ago. I had intended to watch Teen Wolf as a way to let my mind relax, but it felt as if my brain was coming out of my ears.

To replace Teen Wolf, I began watching TedTalks on Youtube. They’re easy to listen to, not too long, and always have a really good message. 

I’ve learned about a wide variety of topics, almost all related to self-improvement. I’ve learned about self-confidence and combating fear, but you can also learn about more scientific topics or be motivated by people sharing their personal experiences. When I’m really lacking in motivation, I’ll watch Ted Talks on how to be motivated.  That may seem ironic, but, after even a 20 or 30 minute Ted Talk, I’m ready to get to work.

Moral of this very short story? Watch Ted Talks instead of watching TV if you’re in need of a break. You’ll at least feel better about yourself, and feel that you’re doing something good for yourself in two ways: giving your mind a rest and refusing to let your brain melt. Care for your brain. Just do it.


By Molly Isaac