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This season of the Bachelorette has been crazy. We’ve had not one, but two Bachelorettes, and a whirlwind of drama. Compared to Clare who found her husband on night one (literally), Tayshia has been a breath of fresh air. Throughout her handful of episodes, it’s been hard to pick a clear front runner because she has so much chemistry with so many of the guys! Despite that, I still have a few men in mind who I think will make it to the homestretch. Listen in no particular order are my Top 4 for Tayshia’s season! 

1. Zac 

Zac and Tayshia (IMO) have the most chemistry out of all of the other contestants this season. I think Zac’s maturity and his past marriage experience makes him a front runner in Tayshia’s mind. Honestly, I would say that he is my favorite choice for her, BUT based on some clips from the next few episodes I’m not sure if they will last. Still, Zac + Tayshia 4ever. 


2. Brendan 

Similar to Zac, Brendan and Tayshia really connected over their past marriages, and I feel like Tayshia is already falling for him after their horse back riding and swimming date. However, Brendan hasn’t been getting a ton of screen time these latest episdoes, but I’m holding out hope!! 


3. Ben 

Ben and Tayshia have a super interesting dynamic. He always seems to get super nervous around her, but then ends up opening up and wow-ing Tayshia. I feel like he could win it all, but just has to be more sure of himself and upfront with queen Tayshia. 


4. Ivan 

I feel like it’s wrong to not include Ivan after their one on one. The game of the floor is lava? The ice cream sundae? The discussion about actual important things and world events outside of La Quinta?? These two had such a great dialogue, and I can totally see Ivan getting down on one knee. 

P.S. Justice for Joe and Eazy <3 

Hi! I’m Anu, and I’m from a suburb of Chicago! I’m planning on majoring in either PNP of Biochem on a Pre-Med track. I love fashion, baking, and Netflix - and ,of course, Her Campus!
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