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My 5 Favorite Gilmore Girls Episodes


As I’ve been rewatching Gilmore girls for the tenth time, I decided I’d share my favorite episodes to those looking to skip around a little on Netflix. These classics will make you say “Oy with the poodles already!”  

Love and War and Snow- Season 1


Lorelai and Max Medina finally have their first date and it’s adorable. This is definitely the peak of the Lorelai Max storyline, so if you were into them as a couple this is a great episode for you. Also, Rory has some classic Dean/Lane drama, as she learns to balance her boyfriend with the only other friend she has.


Red Light on the Wedding Night- Season 2



This is a great episode for anyone who didn’t like the Max and Lorelai storyline. Lorelai finally comes to her senses and realizes she can’t marry Max. Watching her realize this is weirdly satisfying, and Lorelai’s bizarre bachelorette party never gets old.


They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? – Season 3


A crucial transition in Rory’s life, Dean breaks-up with her at the 24-hour dance marathon. He finally realizes that she’s way more into Jess than him and makes it easier for everyone by ending it. Freedom from Dean at last! For now, that is… Great episode for Jess fans.


The Lorelais First Day at Yale- Season 4



This episode is amazing because its got everything we love about Gilmore Girls: heartfelt mother-daughter moments.


But Not As Cute As Pushkin- Season 5


This episode is super fun because it highlights how woefully out of touch Rory is with her contemporaries. A girl from Chilton visits Yale, and Rory is massively confused why she doesn’t want to spend the whole weekend smelling books. Also Logan is in this one for any of his fans… does he have any fans?


Quick, go watch these episodes and relive the magic. Copper boom!


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