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Memorable Moments from The Princess Diaries Series

Two months ago, Anne Hathaway announced on Watch What Happens Live that she, Julie Andrews, and producer Debra Martin Chase are all willing to make the third installment of the Princess Diaries series.


Before his passing in 2016, Garry Marshall was reportedly working on the third installment as well. Now, there is already a script in the works from the author of the book series, Meg Cabot. It looks like there is a real possibility that fans could eventually watch the next chapter of Queen Mia’s life in Genovia.


To get you back in the royal attitude, here are the most memorable moments from the previous two films.


The Princess Diaries

Learning of her Lineage: When Mia finds out she is in line for the Genovian throne, she responds rather harshly for her proper grandmother.

Makeover 1: Mia undergoes a royal transformation at the hands of stylist, Paolo.

Standing up to Lana: After being bullied by mean girl Lana, played by Mandy Moore, Mia finally gains the confidence to stand up for herself and take Lana down a peg.

Hitting Josh with a Baseball: Mia finds her inner athlete after going on a beach date with Josh, who turns out to only be into her for superficial reasons. She is less than enthused by his arrogance and teaches him a lesson too.

Kiss with Michael: At the end of the movie, Mia realizes that she likes the guy who saw her when she was invisible. They kiss, and her foot pops, just like she always dreamt.


The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Stepping on Lord Nicholas Devereaux’s Foot: Mia realizes that the same guy, played by Chris Pine, who danced with her at her ball is also trying to steal her crown.

Chasing a Chicken: While at an event connecting with the people, Mia enthusiastically chases a chicken given to her by a Genovian man. In Clarisse’s opinion, such behavior is not entirely proper for a princess.

Kiss at Fountain: Mia and Nicholas kiss while their respective partners go get some punch at a party. Again, Mia’s foot pops. Then, she ends up falling in the fountain with a man “who is not her betrothed.”

Second Makeover with Paolo: On her wedding day, Mia is subject to another one of Paolo’s makeovers, going from a moose to a poodle to a princess.

Becoming Queen: After receiving support from Parliament to rule without a husband, Clarisse ends her reign to be replaced by Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Queen of Genovia.

Brianna Hines is a junior at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minoring in Marketing.
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