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So I’ve gone home early for the holidays, right? But there’s still one more week of learning to do and classes to attend. Here are some differences between being at home doing schoolwork and being at college doing schoolwork:


1. I feel awkward talking on zoom at home, especially since the soundproofing in the house is horrible. Related to the soundproofing problem is that I can pretty much hear everything going on in the house. So, it’s never as quiet as sitting in a dorm room (shout out to my brother deciding to kick a ball around the house during my final exam).

2. My family has a set meal schedule while at school, I kind of didn’t. Though I still ate on a sort of regular schedule at college, I had more snacks. It’s nice having plentiful food around the house, though.

3. I feel less tense at home, but at the same time, I feel like I need to be a little tenser so that I can buckle down and study for finals/do projects. The panic element is not quite there yet. It just kind of feels like a really long weekend of high school.

4. My dog is here at home. What more is there to say.

5. It’s nice to have my family around, but there’s something comforting about being in the dorm and knowing that your suitemates are home as well.


Last week of classes and it’s the end of a very different semester! Happy Holidays! And enjoy your break!

Washu Class of 2024. A business major with an interest in all things creative.
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