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Jack Rosenberg, 2016

There are really only a few other people in the world that are on this week’s Campus Cutie’s level. Literally. Some of these individuals include LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Tracy McGrady. Noticing a trend? Well, aside from the fact that they are all famous NBA players, they are all 6 feet 8 inches tall. And while Jack Rosenberg is just a freshman, he’s taller than any player on the WUSTL Men’s Varsity Basketball team. He’s a self-proclaimed good dancer – even though he’s “lanky” – and he’s especially adventurous: he’s even eaten a guinea pig! Jack is extraordinarily tall, might have been the cutest baby EVER, loves to travel, and enjoys spending time with “old people” – what a cutie!

Hometown: Long Island, NY.
Grade: Freshman.
Studying: Extremely undecided, but girls and computer science for now.
Where do you live on campus? On the third floor of Lien. Not TFL. I do not call it that.
What are you involved in on campus? I play club volleyball and I’m the founder and president of the Pappy’s Appreciation Club. I’m also a member of a few hot night-yoga clubs in the area.
What’s it like being at school with your sister? I love it. She’s the bomb. She cooks for me and drives me around. It’s the best.
Do you cook? Yes, like an angel. I make penne vodka and I like to experiment. I can make anything as long as there’s a recipe, really. Once I even made chicken cordon bleu. And I make a mean lava cake for dessert.
What’s your motto?
I’m gaining the freshmen 15… in my biceps.
Is it hard to kiss girls being 6’ 8”? Let’s just say I make it work.
So what’s best thing about being so tall? It’s the best pick up line. It does the picking up for me.
And the worst? Airplanes are a nightmare. And I have to order all my clothes online.
Favorite foreign food? French. But it depends on what I’m in the mood for.
Favorite foreign women? Colombian. But it depends on what I’m in the mood for.
Celebrity boy crush? Regis.
Celebrity girl crush? Beyonce.
Tell me about your first kiss: Well, we were playing spin the bottle in sixth grade. I was wearing a popped-collar shirt and I had swoopy hair. Anyway, we kissed, and then this kid took my head and pushed me from behind. I guess he liked her.
What are you being for Halloween this year? It’s complicated. So I’m going to only wear pants. And when people ask what I am I’m going to say I’m a premature ejaculator. And when they don’t understand, I’ll tell them “I just came in my pants.”
What are you most afraid of? Bubbles.
What do you listen to when you work out? Disney channel classics on Pandora.
What’d you want to be growing up? A monkey. Because they’re just the best.
Describe yourself in one word: Anomaly.

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