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Ibrahim Saberi 2018

Year: Sophomore 


Major: Healthcare management/ Premed 


On campus involvement: KWUR, DSP, writer for Frontiers Magazine, tutor at Hawthorn InvestiGirls, Taylor Community Consulting Program 

How did you get involved with KWUR? I first got involved in KWUR (90.3 FM) last semester as I (more often than not) was on my roommate’s show “Bruh” starring Bruce Grossman. 


What work do you currently do? At this moment, I am in the process of becoming a DJ, and you can occasionally hear me from 1-2pm every Friday.


Favorite part of working for KWUR? I think one of the coolest things about KWUR is its mission statement: to provide an alternative radio experience for the students of WashU and the citizens of Clayton. I’m definitely forced to get out of my music comfort zone and experiment with things I’ve never heard before, and it has allowed me to hear some really cool stuff!


Weirdest thing that’s happened on air? One night we got locked out of the DUC in the middle of the show so we decided to sit outside and order pizza instead 


Check out Ibu on KWUR 1-2pm on Fridays

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