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How to Kill Reading Week

It’s reading week, and this sudden lack of classes calls for some serious time management. This wide open schedule can seem pretty overwhelming at first.



If you study too hard in the beginning you’ll burn out too fast. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and working hard for the next couple of days.


Wake Up at a Reasonable Hour

It may be tempting to sleep in late now that you have no more class. But if you sleep the day away you’ll be forced to work into the wee hours of night. Make your life easier and set an alarm so you can get your work done and still get some relaxing time in.


Make A Plan

Since you have all day to study you’ll need to divide up your time between your multiple exams. Don’t just start working and see where it goes, set some goals so you have some direction.



After a long day of studying, a tasty meal is a great way to wind down and keep your spirits high. It always helps to have something to look forward to while you’re studying. Order in some yummy food every once and awhile to bring joy to these dark times.


Take Breaks With Your Homies



If you spend too much time alone in a cubicle you will lose your mind. Make sure to find some fellow humans every once and awhile so you remember how to be a person.

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